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At a gathering of humans. A great party is in swing with much music and dancing. Its outside, perhaps with some picnic tables and a fiddlin' band or something. There are people of all ages. Children are laughing. But the sound is muffled, as though you were inside a plastic bag on a table. The plastic bag holding the kazoo value pack, which has been housing our unfortunate hero and his valu-pak family, is torn open. The sound becomes loud, vibrant. People begin playing kazoos to the music. Much fun and dancing are had. The song takes form.


Gather round y'all be careful what you do
And listen to the story of the Lonesome Little Kazoo
Open up the valu pak, spread it all around
Here's a little lesson how to make that joyful sound

Now put your lips around me
Us Kazoos, we sure don't bite
Hum a little ditty
A little louder - ah that's right.
Here's the beat, just clap your hands
Stomp and shout and groove
There'll always be a party
As long as you've got a kazoo


Grab your partner, everyone
Gather round and hear this song
It's about a poor ol' lonely kazoo
One day when he's forgotten

And all his friends are dead and rotten
And he'll still be finding his own way

This Party's great
let's all sing and clap our hands
We'll never let the good times end
I hope you're all having as much fun as I am

And everybody's making life long friends


Now that this party's over there's a can right by the door
Just drop that piece of plastic, you don't need him anymore
sweep up the confetti and tidy up the room
When you've had your fill of parties no one loves the little kazoo


Just wait one second...
Hey, Where's everybody going?
Won't you take me home with you please?
Hold on guys... I thought we were...
Hey wait a minute

[sound of slamming car door. The sound of Joyful party goers fades into the distance.]




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The Lonely Kazoo Band Seattle

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