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LKZ doesn't get far into his aimless journey before he realizes that it is going to suck balls. Stuck with the seemingly impossible task of defining himself in lieu of a home, family or useful purpose, he descends into a deep, dark world of nature, animals and other scary shit. He stumbles on a campfire site, abandoned long ago. A plastic bottle is disfigured and melted, buried in ash. It is a ghost of plastic once known. It is grotesque.


I'm in a forest of trees
Big scary trees
There's so much life around me
Help me please

No florescent light
To wash out the night
I'm surrounded by birds and bees
That gnash and bite

I thought I was mortal once
Now I know I'm not

The fungus and moss
crawl along my plastic shell
They cling to me
They burn and sting

They hold me close
Almost morose
They're a million molecular compounds
And I'm just three

I'm all alone, please let me be
I'm trying to make it to the sea




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The Lonely Kazoo Band Seattle

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