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The trash bag is thrown on the ground next to an over-flowing Dumpster in a city alley. The bag splits open during the fall and the kazoo spills out, along with some other refuse. The alley is full of trash that did not fit in the Dumpster, some of which has been there for a long time, becoming wise. LKZ, still sad, tries to find a place to curl up in his new home. But, as the wiser refuse knows, this is not a final resting place, but rather a layover. Large trucks come every week to take chunks of the unending and ever-changing trash community away to someplace else. Someplace permanent. The Dumpster itself, along with a ragtag group of pieces of trash in varying states of decomposition and deconstruction, begin to sing. Throughout the song, as LKZ learns more about the dump (and, perhaps more stirringly, the frightening, depressing pessimism of the other trash going with him), he decides he would rather take the risk of unknown escape than certain, permanent entombment in a dump.


Hey little Kazoo, you’re in the Dumpster now
Straight out of the gutter and into the trash
You thought you were lonely then, well just wait til you’re lonely now
Hey little kazoo, you’re on the top of the bottom

Hey little kazoo, they’ve got you where they don’t want you
You’re going to the dump and they’re gonna dump you from a bin
You’ll wait five thousand years and then you’ll wait five thousand more
Nobody loves you when they stick you in the ground

Tell him boys!

[Trash banter]

Big Mac: I was the greatest value on the menu. Look at me now!

Chia head: They tried to grow me, but I didn’t turn out right.

Hey Little Kazoo –


Hey little kazoo, I know the way around here
And I’ve got a secret that I’m itchin to tell
They say there’s a drain pipe goes straight to the river
The river, he’ll take you back to your factory

Now maybe you won’t make it, maybe you’ll get stuck
A big fish’ll eat you or you’ll get run over by a truck
But you take your chances, you make your choice
If you don’t want to die in this dumpster, I wish you good luck




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The Lonely Kazoo Band Seattle

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